Sauté n Serve

Get to know us

It has been almost 20 years since a group of passionate travelers decided to dedicate the best years of their professional lives looking for Sustainable Seafood around the world. With their heart in Vietnam, a country of warm people willing to grow the quality of their life trough doing things ethically and doing good, our guys set sail through the world of seafood routes: USA, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, …and kept going. People, cultures and flavours, all united by the same passion for sharing life experiences around a good meal, around a table, or on a dream beach, or a beautiful sunset. Community, laughter and eating, all shared experiences, a common bond that bring us together. Driven by a passion for healthy seafood and the firm believe that others should share our experiences and do good spirit, we began to blend the best possible ingredients to realize our ambition. The result is a range of exquisite meals that want to acquire reputation as ‘the’ seafood meals for the gourmet passionate travelers and food lovers.


Artisan making + highest food safety

Saute N Serve is unique in our approach to combine the art of crafting the flavor authentically with the highest standards of food safety possible. The video show how carefully our Saute 'n Serve is handmade, how we care about hygiene, how every details come together to make each disc a special meal experience for our consumers.

Our People

Paul Hazucha

R&D Chef

Alessandro Ferretti

R&D Chef

Hung Doan

Head Corporate Chef​

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Sauté ‘n Serve was developed by LP Foods in partnership with NETUNO USA. For North American and Caribbean distribution, please contact our partner for assistance.